Startup Weekend Berkeley – Teams!


SW Berkeley Demo’s are just around the corner!

The first ever Startup Weekend here in Berkeley has been AMAZING! After about 40 hours, teams are still here at the Skydeck working hard to get everything ready for demos in front of a panel of eight judges and nearly 150 attendees and other members of the community.

We’re incredibly excited to announce, in the order that they’re presenting, this year’s Startup Weekend Berkeley teams!


Build business relationships with the people that are near you face to face in real time (LinkedIn Live)


Imagine an open platform where you could identify the path from farm to distributor to restaurant. Welcome to WikiMeat.


Now you can enjoy food from your favorite restaurant that doesn’t do delivery! You order, our drivers will deliver the food to your door, fresh and delicious!


Every city is offering a huge amount of activities, restaurants, bars and vista points. Often consumers are unable to cope with these possibilities due to time and resource constraints. Travelbox is the solution to this problem. We do the research for our customers and offer them packages of activities and local hot spots fitting their needs.


At Protofy, we believe the future of manufacturing will take place in local communities through peer to peer 3D printing networks.
We are that network. We connect people who want access to 3D printers with the people that own them.
We are AirBnb for 3D Printing.


The first and only vibrator that helps women learn about their bodies and discover what they enjoy. Think Fitbit for pleasure. We’re all about women-centric design and bringing modern technology to the field of sexual wellness.


Our service provides a way to ask questions in large lectures or conferences without having to raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged. It’s a portal for attendees (physically present or through an online audio/video stream) to ask questions in real time and have those questions collected and answered by teaching staff or moderators.


This is an online marketplace for renting anything to and from your local community. We connect people who want to make money through sharing their property with people who want to use that property for a period of time. Through Findt, the community can instantly communicate with each other to ensure a quick, easy, and safe rental experience.

Word Herd

Word Herd brings the craft of the wordsmith to the masses. The problem we face is that hundreds of fledgling startups die premature deaths because the genius making the world-changing app in their basement can’t find the words to convince you to try it. Word Herd crowd sources names, tag lines and elevator pitches so that your brilliant idea can be matched by brilliant messaging.


BucketBuds is a mobile app that allows you to snap a picture and quickly share it privately with your Bucket buds. Our team is comprised of three college students that are sick of the clutter on social news feeds. We are out to transform the way photos are shared amongst tightly-knit groups of friends.


Jarvis is your digital butler and its pretty smart. Jarvis can control any situation that you can imagine, from opening the door of your home, to feeding your pets while you are away, you name it!


SignUp a sign language-based device that enables one-to-one communication between deaf people and the rest of the world.

This is a brief introduction to our participating teams. Stay tuned for more information!

Looking forward to pitches,

SW Berkeley Organizing Team